The dynamic board is what makes Vortex special. The rotating towers allow you to move your colour 'routers' in your preferred direction while at the same time countermoveing the ‘routers’ of your opponent(s) in the wrong direction, off course your opponent(s) will do so as well.

Playing on your own (puzzles or solitary), you'll already have to adjust to the way things move, but when you and your opponent(s) have different goals it gets rather challenging, and addictive.

The unique concept of this game lies in the rotating towers. The basic game ‘crossing’ has a very clear purpose, getting across. As long as you’re not in a minority position you may rotate the towers. The basic game can be played by two to six players and, due to its simple set off rules (only one), at a very young age. A slightly more complex variant of this game ‘crossing advanced’ allows you to use ‘controllers’ to control the towers in other ways then by majority, this still can be played by two to six players. Two other possible varieties  are ‘solitary’ and ‘cat & mouse’, the first challenges you to (re)create order in chaos, at the second one the mouse tries to get passed the cats in order to get in the cupboard.

There will be a broad variety of possible extras in the future, the earlier send images show two extra game options ‘snakes’ and ‘amoeba’, next to two possible puzzles, these will probably be released in the near future.