Manual #2 Crossing Advanced

Below you will find the rules of the game variant "Crossing Advanced".

Position your coloured routers and controllers around your starting tower or on your starting line and mark your goal with one or two coloured controllers.

To be the first to position all your coloured routers around your target tower or on your target line and at same time to prevent your opponent(s) from doing so as well.

The first player makes one move, the next player two and the one after that three. From then on, every turn consists of a maximum of four actions. The playing direction is clockwise. Possible actions are:

  • rotating a tower, clockwise or counter clockwise, in one turn you could for example turn one tower over four positions or four towers over only one position.
  • claiming a vacant tower or capture one from one of your opponents.
  • moving one of your controllers from one router to another, this is possible over a longer distance, the routers only have to connect with each other.

You are only allowed to rotate a tower when you are not in a minority position to one of your opponents. You are only allowed to claim a tower when you have a controller and a majority of coloured routers around the tower. When you capture a tower from your opponent, his controller will be placed on one of his routers, of your choosing. It is possible to relocate a controller from a previously claimed tower onto one of your routers. This will, however, use up your entire turn (4 actions). 

You have two controllers behind your starting position with which you, even though you are in the minority or the tower is claimed, may rotate the tower over one position, provided you have at least a router present. Every action will cost one of the controllers and counts as one of the four during your turn.

The player who first succeeds in moving all the routers around the target tower or onto the target line wins.