About Tactrics

About Tactrics

Tactrics is John & Hans. After having previously worked together as an architect and a project developer, they have now also found each other in designing and developing games: Hans is the creative out-of-the-box thinker with a keen sense of new concepts and the energy to pursue these.

John is a streamliner of processes who knows his way in the world of development, always the first checkpoint for Hans and often hitting the brakes for his overly enthusiastic escapades. They make up both sides of the medal, are simply complementary, which has proven to be an excellent formula for cooperation with Vortex as the first result.

Now that John & Hans have developed a taste for game design, they are moving ahead with several promising concepts in addition to Vortex and a broad variety of possible future extensions. The goal for the coming years is the development, production and release of several tactical games with an extra dimension, such as Vortex.

The most unique aspect of Tactrics is its completely new perspective on games. Innovative ideas come almost naturally, especially thanks to the lack of any experience in this field. Add the goal of creating the mentioned ‘extra dimension’, and there we go! Thanks to the tactical nature of Vortex and the planned future game concepts, interaction with pedagogical and educational purposes is an obvious direction. This aspect will certainly play a role in expansions to Vortex and future games.

Whenever possible, Tactrics, with sustainability in mind, aims to use recyclable or recycled products as much as possible. Our games will be available everywhere, preferable through engaged local distributors and therefore available at a wide range of retailers.