Press release

Press release

Tactrics is proud to present its latest game VORTEX. VORTEX is unique, strategic, demanding and dynamic. Drawing you in and not letting go!

VORTEX has a dynamic board that makes it unique in the game world. The board has rotating towers allowing the player to move his coloured ‘routers’ in his preferred direction while at same moving those of his opponents in the wrong direction.

A player can only gain the upper hand by strategically planning ahead and pre-empt moves by his opponents as they are trying to move his coloured ‘routers’ away from his objective. In some variants players can team up to try and outsmart the others but players must be aware that it might not last.

VORTEX can be played by a single player with the SOLITARY game variant, CAT & MOUSE is a nice game for two players and the basic game CROSSING and its more complex variant CROSSING ADVANCED can be played by 2-6 players. The basic rules are very simple (CROSSING has actually only one) meaning it gives the flexibility to be played with children as well as with demanding adults and being challenging to all.

Whether played by a single a player of or by six players, no game is ever the same. Every strategy has to be adapted every time the game is played and even continuously adapted making it very demanding and addictive.

The basic game comes with a wide variety game options already included. Next to extra concept games such as KINGS CROSS and AMAZING, playable with the current content, there will be more extensions available in the near future such as SNAKES, AMOEBA and WISPS making it even more attractive for the younger players as well as the more experienced player.

VORTEX is supported by a website offering explanations, different variants, free games, playable with the current content, regular updates of the development of the game and comments and suggestions from the community of VORTEX enthusiasts. Be the first to know all the new features and follow us on Facebook.