Vortex takes the next step

Vortex takes the next step

Vortex takes the next step, besides production in the Netherlands we closed a deal with a producer in China. This way Vortex is available for any country, all over the world.

Several variants upcoming

Next to the original four games in the box there are already several variants waiting to be published, this will be implemented on our modified website January next year. Our goal is to make Vortex the dynamic board for at least 20 games within the next five years. We will promote communities and actually give support to creative minds in order to develop new ways to enjoy Vortex.

Vortex online

We shared forces with ELO to create an online version of Vortex-Crossing, the launch will be in January next year, we will keep you posted.

Joining communities

If you like to be part of a community to help developing your ultimate Vortex game, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, we will then inform you when details are available. If you would like to share your thoughts up front we would be happy to hear them.

We will be attending the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg (10.0 G-13) the first week of February.

Merry Christmas and a playful 2017,