Great fair in Nuremberg

Great fair in Nuremberg

After a great fair in Nuremberg where distributors were standing in line to represent Vortex in their country or region, we started making first inventory … :-).


The New York Fair, where Vortex is being represented by Lion Rampant, is doing great as well, taking many orders from retailers both from Canada and the United States, in the United States Vortex is also represented by 1i4 group

Play online

Crossing, one of the Vortex games can be played online! Now available in almost all of Europe, click the ELO image to follow… Have fun playing Vortex the game online.


In the meantime several extensions are being developed, hereby a sneak preview of WispsS, available in store and on our website before summer!

Watch your mailbox, we will notify you…! Impatiently biding our time as well.